Napkin/Silverware Pockets


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Adorable napkin and/or silverware pockets to complete a beautiful table setting.  Convenient for buffets.  Measures approximately 5"x7".  Use them to hold a napkin, a set of silverware, or both as shown.  Or get very creative and use the pocket for a picture, a letter, a gift card, etc.  They come in 2 fabrics and two colors:  White 100% Linen or Tan 100% Unbleached Cotton.

Or we offer a napkin ring made from filigree metal.  Measures 2" diameter.  Shown with a bit of bling but also available without the bling.  Can be used just as a traditional napkin ring or use for both napkin and silverware as shown below.

100% White Linen
$8.00 Each
Free Shipping

100% Unbleached Cotton
$7.00 each
Free Shipping

Filigree metal napkin ring with bling.  Available without bling.

$7.00 Each with Bling
$6.00 Each without Bling
Free Shipping















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