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Corrugated Cardboard Pockets

Large and Small Rag Purses

Point Shoes


Wall Decor

Lavender Filled Jars

Rhinestone Statues

Gift Bags

Glassine Bags



Lumbar Pillows



Wine Glasses















Click on each image to enlarge to see sample of the intricate detail and decor.

These corrugated cardboard pockets are so natural in style.  Both sizes open up to a pocket just wide enough to enclose a picture, letter, note or invitation.

This one is 5.75" x 6.5" closed.  It includes a stamped muslin label and opens with the clothespin.  There are many other styles as there are no two alike.

This shows the above pocket opened with a cutout picture of 2 girls slipped into the opening.  Velcro is used to open/close the flap.  Some have magnetic open/close.  Depends on the style.

This pocket is 5"x5.5" and is embellished with a 1903 postal stamp.  It opens by simply lifting the flap which is held in place with velcro.  Some are magnetic.

The inside has an 1881 letter included.  

All will come with something inside as an extra bonus.  The buyer can replace with something personal.

Rag Cross Body Purses in two sizes:  

Lg 8"x15" Zipper at Top
Sm 6"x12" Zipper on Front

Large 8"x15

Small 6"x12"

Rag logo on back of each large and small rag purse.

Used Point Shoes with Lace Applique inside and on toe with rhinestones.  Approximate size is 3"x8"  

Metal Trim Crown with Rhinestone.  4" Diameter

Wall Decor made from vintage book pages.  19" Diameter

Lavender filled jars with dipping spoon attached.  Picture shows 4 style but only available in 3 round styles:

Small 2.5"x2.5"
Medium 3.25"x4"
Large 4.5"x5"

Several styles of animals and angels encrusted with rhinestone and topped with crowns  I have included 4 samples.  All will vary depending on the availability of rhinestones.

Tiny Rhinestone Bird is 2"x3.5"

Bird 3"x6"

Gecko 4"x10"

Rhinestone Angel 3"x6"

Gift Bags with 4 types of fabric and lace streamers topped with a rhinestone.

Available in 4 sizes.  Picture shows the largest bag 10"x13" and the smallest bag 4"x5.5"  The other two sizes (not shown) are 8x10 and 5.25x5.

Embossed Glassine Bags in several sizes.  I can package any quantity but usually 10 bags as a set.  This is a brown bag with glassine lining.  It is 6"x8".  Also available in 4x6.25.

This is a pure glassine bag.  It is 6"x8".  Also available in 4"x6.5"

The glassine comes in 3 other sizes:

This is how I currently package a set of 10

100% Cotton Lumbar Pillow

100" cotton Lumbar Pillow

Bejeweled Glasses:

Mixed Drink

Each have a filigree emblem topped with a substantial rhinestone.  Must be hand washed.