Vintage Burlap Pillows


Available in four sizes:  Extra Small (10x10);
Small (11x18); Medium (16x16); Large (19x21)

Extra Small (10x10)

Small (11x18)

Medium (16x16)

Large (19x21)



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Click on each image to enlarge to see sample of the intricate detail and decor.






The extra small pillow is decorated with a jeweled key, as well as our signature handle.  Keys will vary depending on availability.  The three pillow picture shows a variety of keys.





The small, medium and large pillows are decorated with vintage memorabilia such as letters/envelopes from 1895-1960, vintage hardware, booklets and jewelry, making each one totally unique.  The focal point other than the memorabilia are the bows and under trim with each pillow topped with our signature handle. 




The bows on all pillow sizes come in cream crushed voile.

Pillows sizes are:
extra small (10x10)
small (11x18)
medium (16x16)
large (19x21)
Specify when ordering.  Sizes are approximate as they are handmade.  


Extra Small: $20
Small:  $50
Medium: $60
Large: $70

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