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Click on each image to enlarge to see sample of the intricate detail.

Miscellaneous bits of this and that when put together to make a unique, whimsical gift.

Two years in Frisco.

Five years in Canton.

Three month Popup Shop in Dallas.

2 years in Simply Irresistible Waco and Dallas Farmer's Market locations.

French Milled Soaps in two sizes (small 25g and medium 150g) in 12 different scents.

Just a few of the soap dish styles.

Utra feminine pillow with bows and streamers made from ivory crush voile fabric.  

Red wine, white wine, champagne and mixed drink glasses all decorated with filigree and rhinestones.  

Fun Pot Head Ladies filled with artificial plants.  Each comes with plant liner to substitute a real plant or bunch of flowers.  All are one of a kind.

Floating tea cups.  All are one of a kind.

Gently used pointe shoes decorated with lace and bling.  They can be displayed in a glass vase, draped over a bedpost in your ballerina's room, placed on a table or in a frame.  All are one of a kind.

Rhinestone embellished animals and angels.  This is a sample of a dog and a frog.

Bowl full of fabric carrots.

Bunny Pots.  Two sizes and 4 colors